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1.2 ton towing tractor

Zowell XT12 1.2 ton electric towing tractor is an ideal choice for light duty applications. This 1.2 ton towing tractor is a vehicle with compact structure and smooth operation, and it conforms to industrial design trends. The design of motorcycle handle makes it easy to turn right and left. The position of seat is adjustable according to different operators’ driving habits. Trailer coupling improves working efficiency. The integrated drive and control system of this 1.2 ton electric towing tractor ensures its reliable performance and high efficiency. Featuring 1200kg loading capacity and compact size, our 1.2 ton towing tractor is an ideal choice for many places.

Features of 1.2 Ton Towing Tractor
1. Operating type: sit-on
2. DC Curtis technology
3. Front and rear: rubber wheel
4. Rear view mirror
5. Tricolor taillight
6. 36V/80AH battery and 36V/10A charger
7. Orange color, and Zowell stickers & manual
Warning light

3 Ton Tow Tractor
Technical Parameters of 1.2 Ton Towing Tractor
Identification Model   XT12
Power supply   Electric
Operation type   Sit-on
Rated loading kg 1200
Rated traction N 295
Wheelbase mm 860
Weight Tractor weight (with standard battery)  kg 350
Wheel Tyre type   Rubber
Front wheel size   250 × 80
Rear wheel size   254 × 102
Number of wheel(s) (x=driving wheel, front/rear)   1 × /2
Tread, front side mm 0
Tread, rear side mm 630
Dimensions Overall mm 1195
Overall length mm 1343
Overall  mm 720
Ground clearance mm 75
Turning radius mm 1330
Performance Driving speed, loaded/unloaded              km/h 7/8
Brake   Hydraulic
Electric Motor Driving motor kW 1
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 3 × 12/80
Others Controller   CURTIS
Noise level dB (A) <70
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