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3-5 Ton Tow Tractor

Description of 3-5 Ton Tow Tractor:
Our 3-5 ton tow tractor is suitable to be used in confined places, as well as appropriate for multiple load transfer over medium distance. We have two different models for this kind of tractor: XTB30 and XTB50.And their towing capacity is 3000kg and 5000kg respectively.

Features of 3-5Ton Tow Tractor
1. Regenerative braking function
2. CURTIS electronic controller
3. Germany Frei handle
4. Side battery roll-out system, making it very convenient for battery replacement.
5. Emergency reversing device in the handle provides improved operating safety.
6. Emergency power disconnect switch.
7. Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.

3-5 Ton Tow Tractor

Technical Data of 3-5 Ton Tow Tractor

Identification Product model   XTB30 XTB50
Power supply   Electric
Operating type   Pedestrian
Lifting capacity Kg ≤1000kg ≤1500kg
Towing capacity Kg ≤3000kg ≤5000kg
Draw-bar-pull at the hook Kg 97.6kg 195kg
Load distance X mm 112
Wheelbase Y mm 999
  Weight (without battery) Kg 435
Wheel Tyres   Polyurethane
Tyre size  drive end mm Φ230x75
Type size  load end mm Φ150x60
Balancing wheel size mm Φ100x50
Wheels number (x=drive wheel) drive end/load end   1x-2/2
Tread width drive end mm 400
Tread width load end mm 568
Dimensions Total height h1 mm 1400
Lift height h3 mm 378
Height of handle in drive position (Max/Min) h6 mm 1350/800
Overall length L1 mm 1227
Length to face of forks L2 mm 565
Overall width b1 mm 850
Min. ground clearance m  mm 70
Turning radius Wa mm 1200
Performance Travel speed  loaded/unloaded km/h 5.2/6 4.8/5.6
Lift speed   loaded/unloaded mm/s 40/50
Lowering speed loaded/unloaded mm/s 50/40
Max gradeability loaded/unloaded % 8/15
Service brake   Electromagnetic
Electric Motor Drive motor rating kW 1.1 2.2
Lift motor rating kW 2.2
Battery voltage / nominal capacity V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight Kg 195
Others Type of drive control   MOSFET Control
Noise level at operator’s ear dB(A) <70

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