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4 Ton Tow Tractor

Zowell XT40 4 ton tow tractor is superbly versatile and manoeuvrable. It is an ideal choice for applications requiring the rapid and efficient transfer of multiple trailer loads in various industrial and commercial applications as well as specialised repair workshops. This electric tow tractor is mainly used fot towing and order packing and it is especially suitable for goods that move in the continuous flow. 4 ton tow tractor has a loading capacity uo to 4,000 kg. This towing tractor advanced integrated drive and control system ensure reliable performance and high efficiency.

Features of 4 Ton Electric Tow Tractor
1. Wheelbase provides a tight turning radius for maximum maneuverability and control in confined work environments.
2. Rear bridge drive unit provides this 4 ton tow tractor with excellent power and gradeability.
3. Ergonomically designed compartment allows easy operation of all controls and pedals to help reduce operators’ fatigue.
4. This electric tow tractor is equipped with forward lever or reverse lever and floor-mounted accelerator pedal, which provide fast and easy direction control changes.
5. Zowell 4 ton tow tractor is installed with heavy duty suspension seat with arms, multi-angle back support, sliding base and safety belt. This can improve operators’ comfort and safety.
6. Low step height allows for easy entry and exit.
7. Small-diameter steering wheel provides effortless steering of this electric tow tractor.

4 Ton Tow Tractor

Technical Data of 4 Ton Tow Tractor

1 Product Model   XT40
2 Power Supply   Battery
3 Operating Type    Sit-on
4 Tyres     Front / Rear   Pneumatic
5 Tyre Quantity Front / Rear   1/2x
6 Max. Pulling Force        3 min Rating N (kgf) 4000(400)
7 Rated Pulling Force (Traction Capacity) 60 min Rating N (kgf) 1000(100)
8 Traction Weight 60 min Rating kg 4000
9 Traveling Speed Without Load km/h 13
With Load 8
10 Max. Gradeability Without Load % 14
11 Overall Length With Hook mm 1728
Without Hook mm 1592
12 Front Overhang mm 266
13 Rear Overhang mm 136
14 Overall Width mm 858
15 Overall Height mm 1245
16 Turning Radius mm 1447
17 Hook Length mm 136
18 Hook Height mm 305/355
19 Wheelbase mm 955
20 Tread Rear Wheel mm 724
21 Ground Clearance mm 85
22 Platform Height mm 371
23 Total Weight With Battery kg 812
Without Battery 527
24 Weight Layout (With Standard Battery) Front Wheel kg 302
Rear Wheel 510
25 Tyre Dimension Front Wheel   3.50-5-6PR
Rear Wheel   4.00-8-6PR
26 Main Brake   Hydraulic
27 Hand Brake   Manual
28 Battery Voltage/Nominal Capacity V/AH 24/280
29 Battery Weight kg 285
30 Driving Motor kW AC 3.0
31 Type of Drive Control   MOSFET Control

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of 4 ton tow tractors in China. In addition to this electric tow tractor, we also provide clients with electric pallet truck, electric stacker, electric reach truck, scissor lift, aerial order picker, manual warehouse equipment, customized truck, and so forth. With high quality and competitive price, our towing tractors have been quite popular among customers from as many as 40 countries and regions, and many of our products have obtained CE and ISO9001:2008 certification. If you’re interested in our 4 ton tow tractors, please contact us freely.

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