Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of warehousing material handling equipment in China. Over the past 15 years, working closely together with many college academies and scientific institutions, we have been committed to independent research and development in the fields of hi-tech and energy saving so that we can better satisfy today's market trends. As indicated by our brand of Zowell meaning "outstanding quality, industry leader", we have been sparing no effort to manufacture high-quality products and provide perfect services for our clients worldwide.

Our Zowell material handling equipment can be used in a wide variety of fields, like manufacture, logistics, packaging, warehousing, and many other industrial processes, especially in industries such as beverage, food, clothing, paper, medicine, new energy, automobile and motorcycle, plastics injection, and more. We have built up complete sales network in China, and cooperative relationships with clients in as many as 40 countries and districts.

Meet Zowell at Manufacturing Indonesia Series 2017
Date:Dec. 6 - 9, 2017
Location:Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia
Meet Zowell at METALEX
Booth No.:AL27
Date: Nov.22-25,2017
Location: Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre, 88 Bangna-Trad Roda(Km.1), Bangna,Bangkok 10260,Thailand.
Electric Pallet Truck 1.5 Ton Mini Pallet Truck 2 Ton Pallet Truck 2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck 2.5 Ton Pallet Truck 2-3 Ton Pallet Truck 3 Ton Pallet Truck 3.6 Ton Pallet Truck 7 Ton Platform Pallet Truck with EPS 8 Ton Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with EPS 10 Ton Heavy Duty Pallet Truck with EPS 3 Ton Paper Roll Pallet Truck 2-10 Ton Platform Truck 2-3T Explosion-proof Pallet Truck
Electric Forklift 1.5-3.5 Ton Electric Counterbalance Forklift-4 wheel 1.5-2 Ton Electric Counterbalance Forklift-3 wheel Electric Stacker XEB15 Electric Stacker Electric Stacker Electric Reach Stacker Standard Electric Stacker Electric Straddle Stacker Counterbalance Electric Stacker Electric Counterbalance Stacker Semi Electric Stacker Electric Reach Truck 1.5-2 Ton Reach Truck 1.5-2 Ton Pedestrian Reach Truck 1.5-2 Ton Electric Mini Reach Truck 1.6-1.8 Ton Reach Truck
2 Ton Reach Truck Electric Tow Tractor 1.2 ton towing tractor 2 Ton Electric Tow Tractor 3 Ton Tow Tractor 4 Ton Tow Tractor 3T, 4T, 4.5T and 5T Electric Towing Tractor with EPS 3-5 Ton Tow Tractor 3-5 Ton New Tow Tractor 6 Ton Tow Tractor 2.5-3.5 Ton Tow Vehicle Mover Scissor Lift Self Propelled Scissor Lift Electric Scissor Lift Mobile Scissor Lift Aerial Order Picker
Electric Order Picker Semi Electric Order Picker Manual Warehouse Equipment Hand Pallet Truck Hand Stacker Hand Hydraulic Table Truck Hand Scissor High Lift Table Customized Truck Electric Tooling Carrier Electric Towing Head Electric Reach Stacker with Tilting Forks Electric Reach Truck with Wider Fork Carriage Electric Stacker with Ultra Low-height Mast Semi Electric Roll Stacker