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2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck

Description of 2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck:
Our Zowell CFP20 2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck is a compact vehicle with 2000kg loading capacity. It can make secure and easy horizontal pallet movement. This ride-on pallet truck is especially appropriate for medium to high intensity work fields in various industries.

Features of 2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck
1. Advanced AC control system eliminating motor brushes and directional contactors, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.
2. Multi-function display: battery status, hour meter, fault code indicator, etc.
3. Curtis AC controller.
4. Curtis EPS (Electric Power Steering) system provides more smooth steering and flexible controlling.
5. SWISS BUCHER hydraulic pump.

2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck
Technical Parameters of 2 Ton Sit-on Pallet Truck:
Identification Model CFP20
Power Supply Electric
Way of Operation Sitting
Load Capacity Q kg 2000
Load Center C mm 600
Load Distance (Center of Drive Axle to Fork Back) X mm 191.5
Wheelbase Y mm 1773.5
Weight Truck Weight (without battery) kg 1250
Axle Load, loaded (front / rear) kg 1332/1917
Axle Load, unloaded (front / rear) kg 937/312
Wheel Type of Tire Polyurethane
Size of Drive Wheels mm Φ230 × 82
Size of Loading Wheels mm Ф80 × 70
Size of Balancing Wheels mm Φ125 × 50
Number of Wheels, front/rear (x: drive wheel) 1x-2/4
Front Tread mm 555
Rear Tread mm 390
Dimensions Overall Height h1 mm 1388
Lifting Height h3 mm 205
Overall Height, Mast Lowered h5 mm 85
Seat Height h6 mm 845
Overall Length L1 mm 2170
Length to Fork Face L2 mm 1020
Overall Width b1 mm 920
Fork Dimensions s/e/l mm 180/55/1150
Width of Forks b3 mm 570
Min. Ground Clearance M mm 30
Aisle Width Ast mm 2420
Turning Radius Wa mm 1979
Performance Travelling Speed, loaded/unload Km/h 6.5/7.5
Lifting Speed, loaded/unload mm/s 40/50
Lowering Speed, loaded/unload mm/s 50/40
Max. Gradeability, loaded/unload % 5/8
Service Brake Electromagnetic brake
Electric Motor Driving Motor Rating kW AC 2.0
Lifting Motor Rating kW 2.2
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 24/240 to 360
Battery Weight kg 268 (300AH)
Others Type of Control Unit Mosfet control
Noise Level Db(A) < 70

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