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Electric Order Picker

Description of Electric Order Picker:
Our electric order picker is a superior personnel lift mainly used indoors, and it is quite flexible and versatile. It is electric powered, and its work platform can reach as high as 4.5m in the air, which can provide 6.5m reach range. Its loading capacity can be up to 300kg.

Features of Electric Order Picker:
1. Can bus technology
2. Proportional controls
3. Battery charge indicator
4. Safety brackets
5. Low voltage alarm
6. Emergency down button
7. Overloading limited
8. 25% grade ability when driving on slopes
9. Zero-turn radius and compact design provide access in and around confined work areas.
10. On-board diagnostic help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustments in the field to maximize uptime.

Electric Aerial Order Picker
Technical Data of Electric Order Picker:
Model ZDYT3-3 ZDYT3-3.5 ZDYT3-3.5 ZDYT3-4.0 ZDYT3-4.5
S.W.L 300kg 300kg
Working height(H1) 5.00m 5.50m 5.50m 6.00m 6.50m
Platform floor height(H2) 3.00m 3.50m 3.50m 4.00m 4.50m
Overall length(A) 1.53m 1.53m
Overall width(C) 0.70m 0.70m
Overall height(B) 1.89m 2.14m 1.64m 1.81m 1.98m
Platform size 0.95m×0.60m 0.90m×0.64m
Ground clearance 0.04m 0.05m
Wheelbase 1.24m 1.24m
Turning radius 0 0
Drive motors 2×24VDC/0.4kw 2×24VDC/0.4kw
Lifting motor 24VDC/2kw 24VDC/2kw
Travel speed(Stowed) 4km/h 4km/h
Travel speed(Raised) 1.1km/h 1.1km/h
Up/Down speed (sec) 20/22 24/26 17/19 20/22 23/25
Batteries 2×12V/120Ah 2×12V/120Ah
Integrated charger 24V/12A 24V/12A
Grade ability 25% 25%
Tyres(Drive motors) Φ230×80mm Φ230×80mm
Tyres(Front wheels) 6 in 6 in
Weight 574kg 588kg 655kg 665kg 675kg

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