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XEB15 Electric Stacker

Zowell’s new XEB electric stacker is designed on the basis of XEA. XEB has greater loading capacity than XEA - 1.5 Ton. This electric pallet stacker is designed with battery extraction fucntion, making it more convenient to maintain and replace the battery. Middle-right design of the cylinder provides wider view. This electric stacker can switch freely between normal speed and slow speed owing to two travel modes. Our electric pallet stacker can also travel when the tiller head is placed at the upright brake position when in confined space such as elevator. What’s more, smart sleeping function can be activated automatically to save battery energy and cost when the stacker stops working for a long time.

1.Wide view mast: cylinder is at middle-right, wider view and higher reliability.
2. This electric pellet stacker can switch freely between normal speed and slow speed.
3. Moving when tiller at upright brake position: press upright moving button, this electric stacker can also travel at slow speed, especially suitable for compact storage space.
4. Adjustable balance support wheel: more stable and safer.
5. Strong mast: it is more reliable and safer when compared with bending metal plate.
6. Smart sleeping function: if the electric pallet stacker stops working for a long time, smart sleeping function will be activated automatically to save battery energy and cost.
7. This electric stacker is designed in accordance with ergonomics. Long tiller makes it more convenient to use.
8. Divided mast: easy to assembly and replace.
9. Battery extraction: it is easier and more convenient to maintain and replace the battery of this electric pallet stacker.

3 Ton Pallet Truck
Technical Parameter:
  Identification Product model   XEB15
Power supply   Electric
Way of operation   Pedestrian
Load capacity Q kg 1500
Load center C mm 600
Wheelbase Y mm 1375
  Weight Weight (without battery) kg 971
Axle load, loaded (front/rear)) kg 1639/852
Axle unload, unloaded (front/rear) kg 323/648
      Wheel Type of tyre   Polyurethane
Size of driving wheels mm Φ230 × 82
Size of loading wheels mm Φ80 × 70
Size of balancing wheels mm Φ125 × 50
Number of wheels, front/rear (x: drive wheel)   1x-1/4
Front tread mm 555
Rear tread mm 390
              Dimensions Overall h1 mm 2255
Free lift h2 mm /
Lifting h3 mm 3500
Overall , mast extended h4 mm 3977
Overall , mast lowered h5 mm 86
of handle at drive position (max./min.) h6 mm 1305/715
Overall length L1 mm 2028
Length to fork face L2 mm 878.3
Overall b1 mm 850
Fork dimensions s/e/l mm 180/66/1150
Overall of fork b3 mm 570
Min. ground clearance m mm 20
Aisle for pallets, 1000 × 1200 lengthways Ast mm 2487
Turning radius Wa mm 1586
    Performance Travel speed, loaded/unloaded km/h 4/4.5
Lift speed, loaded/unloaded mm/s 120/200
Lowering speed, loaded/unloaded mm/s 80/90
Max. gradeability, loaded/unloaded % 5/10
Service brake   Electromagnetic
  Electric Motor Drive motor rating kW 1.5
Lift motor rating kW 2.2
Battery voltage / nominal capacity V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight kg 200
Others Type of drive control   MOSFET Control
Noise level at operator’s ear dB (A) < 70
Height Data:
Lifting Overall Free lift Height, mast extended
h3 (mm) h1 (mm) h2 (mm) h4 (mm)
2500 1755 2977 0
3000 2005 3477 0
3300 2155 3777 0
3500 2255 3977 0

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