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Hand Pallet Truck (Pallet Jack)

Description of Hand Pallet Truck:
Our hand pallet truck, sometimes also called pallet jack, pump truck or jigger, is a kind of tool mainly used to lift and move pallets.

Its front wheels are mounted inside the end of forks. As its hydraulic jack is raised up, these forks will be separated vertically from the front wheels, which will force the loads upward until it clears the floor. And the pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for subsequent travel.
Hand Pallet Truck

Technical Data of Hand Pallet Truck:

1 Type   DF168 DFE20 DF25 DF30
2 Capacity Q  kg 1680 2000 2500 3000
3 Min.fork height h mm 75 75 85 75 85 75
4 Max.fork height h1mm 190 190 200 190 200 190
5 Steering wheel mm Φ180x50 Φ180x50 Φ200x50 Φ180x50 Φ200x50 Φ180x50
6 Load roller Single mm Φ73x80 Φ73x80 Φ80x93 Φ74x93 Φ80x93 Φ74x93
7 Load roller Tandem mm Φ73x55 Φ73x55 Φ80x70 Φ74x70 Φ80x70 Φ74x70
8 Size of fork e*s mm 150x50 150x50 160x60 160x60
9 Width overall forks B mm 520 550 550 685 550 685 550 685 550 685 550 685
10 Fork length I mm 1150 1150 1150 1220 1150 1220 1150 1220 1150 1220 1150 1220
12 Container loading Qty pcs 198 180 180 144 180 144 180 144 180 144 180 144

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